Wyoming CPA Requirements


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Wyoming CPAs must meet requirements to sit for the exam and obtain licensure. Learn about the process of becoming a CPA in Wyoming.

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A wide angle summer morning view captured from the Calcite Springs View Area in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Far below is the winding Yellowstone River, with the steaming Calcite Springs on the left bank of the river. Tall, tree-lined cliffs rise steeply on either side of the river and into the misty morning. Credit: Rebecca L. Latson / Moment / Getty Images

Wyoming, home to Yellowstone National Park, hosts a state economy as diverse as its beautiful landscapes — mining, real estate, and manufacturing comprise its three largest economic sectors.

The Equality State had the eighth-highest growth rate for employment between 2017-2022, according to Ibis World. Prospective certified public accountants (CPAs) can look to Wyoming for its growing employment opportunities and industries that require specialized accounting knowledge.

Wyoming accountants must complete experience, education, and exam requirements to become CPAs. Discover how to become a CPA in Wyoming with this helpful guide.

Education Requirements for How to Become a CPA in Wyoming

Prospective CPA examinees and licensees must meet Wyoming's education requirements to sit for the exam and obtain CPA licensure. Though many jurisdictions overlap in requirements, some states set specific education guidelines.

CPA exam candidates need a bachelor's degree, 24 accounting semester hours, and 24 business semester hours. To qualify for licensure, they must have a minimum of 150 semester hours of coursework.

Most bachelor's degree programs include 120 semester hours. Candidates will likely need additional classes beyond a bachelor's degree, which can come from master's, graduate certificate, or

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Concentrations, Credits, and Course Acceptance

To sit for the CPA exam, candidates must meet specific coursework and credit requirements. Each applicant needs to complete the following:

CPA applicants can receive up to six semester hours of credits in business or accounting for internships. Applicants can only claim internship credit that relates to their major and delivers academic credit from an accredited institution. However, students cannot claim credits from life experience courses.

While an applicant only needs 120 credits to sit for the exam, they must have 150 total semester hours for licensure, with no additional requirements regarding course topics.

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Wyoming CPA Experience Requirements

CPA examinees do not have any work experience requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam. For licensure, however, they need one year of work experience, which the Wyoming Board of CPAs defines as 2,000 work hours.

An employee's work experience must occur within a government, academia, industry, or public accounting role. The experience can cover many relevant areas, including accounting, taxation, or consulting.

An active CPA must attest to the candidate's work. If they do not have a professional CPA to attest to their work experience, they can submit equivalent experience. These applicants must submit samples demonstrating they meet the Wyoming CPA requirements for experience. The WY Board of CPAs reviews the work to determine if it meets their criteria.

Prospective licensees must fill out affirmation forms and submit them to their employers. The employer then fills out their form section and mails it directly to the Wyoming Board of CPAs.

CPA Exam Requirements

All prospective CPAs across the country must pass the Uniform CPA Exam. However, the criteria for sitting for the exam and receiving a CPA license vary by state. The following section focuses on how to become a CPA in Wyoming.

Eligibility to Take the Exam

CPA exam candidates must complete a bachelor's degree and 24 semester hours of courses in accounting and business to sit for the exam. Prospective CPAs do not need to take an ethics exam to sit for the CPA exam but must complete the eight-hour American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Professional Ethics Exam for eventual licensure.

CPA candidates must be at least 18 years old to sit for the CPA exam. Each test-taker must also have a driver's license, address, job, or student enrollment in Wyoming. Examinees must also provide their Social Security number (SSN) to be eligible to sit for the exam but do not need to be U.S. citizens.

Foreign accounting professionals with designations equivalent to a CPA can apply for licensure in Wyoming. International CPA candidates must come from locations that offer reciprocity to Wyoming CPAs, hold active licenses, and have completed equivalent work and education criteria.

Applying for and Scheduling the Exam

CPA exam candidates must send all transcripts to the Wyoming Board of CPAs. The WY Board of CPAs can accept mailed and electronic official transcripts. Institutions must send the transcripts directly to the board; students cannot submit sealed transcripts.

Candidates can then submit an examination application. Each applicant must provide a copy of their ID, a $110 fee, and choose which sections of the Uniform CPA exam they would like to apply for.

An approved candidate will receive an authorization to test (ATT) and must pay the $226.15 exam section fee within six months. The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) accepts all exam fees directly from applicants. Individuals can apply for more than one section concurrently.

Candidates who have applied for one section become re-exam applicants in the future. Re-exam applicants have a reduced registration fee of $50, but each section remains $226.15. If a re-exam candidate has not applied for a test within three years, they must re-submit their transcripts and pay the initial candidate fee.

After submitting the application and paying the fees, individuals receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS). NASBA issues the NTS, which has a six-month validity, and candidates cannot receive refunds after the notice expires. They must pass all four sections of the CPA exam within a rolling 18-month period, starting when the test-taker sat for the first section.

After Passing the Exam

CPA licensure candidates who have passed the exam and fulfill the other requirements can submit an original certificate application to the Wyoming Board of CPAs. Each candidate must include a verification of lawful presence form, proof of experience, an AICPA ethics exam certificate of completion, and a $225 fee.

The board may also request transcripts from candidates. The Wyoming Board of CPAs offers a free online search to verify CPA licenses.

Maintaining Licensure With The WY Board of CPAs

Active CPAs in Wyoming must renew their license annually by Dec. 31. Candidates can renew their license online starting Oct. 1 of each year. The Wyoming Board of CPAs will also send an email reminder by Oct. 1.

Expired certificate holders can also apply for inactive status. Inactive CPAs who wish to return to active CPA status can apply to the board. Expired license holders and non-CPAs can still own a share of CPA firms, given that licensees hold a majority of the firm's ownership.

Certificate holders in Wyoming must complete 120 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) on a rolling three-year basis. The board also requires four hours of regulatory and professional ethics courses every three years. CPAs must submit proof of their CPE classes online to the board. License holders must provide proof of completion for all CPE courses.

CPAs from other states can submit for a Wyoming CPA license under reciprocity. Individuals can qualify for reciprocity through several pathways, including holding a CPA license in a substantially equivalent state or submitting personal experience and education qualifications directly to the board.

Wyoming-based CPAs can join the Wyoming Society of Certified Public Accountants (WYOCPA). The WYOCPA, founded in 1921, offers networking events and CPE courses.

Questions About Wyoming Accountants

How do I get a CPA in Wyoming?

Wyoming CPA requirements include separate criteria to take the CPA exam and obtain licensure. After fulfilling the exam, experience, and education requirements, they can become CPAs in Wyoming.

Who can take the CPA licensure exam in Wyoming?

Wyoming accountants who wish to take the CPA exam must have at least a bachelor's degree and meet the related education criteria. Each applicant must also be at least 18 years old; have an SSN; and maintain residency, employment, or studentship in Wyoming.

How long does it take in Wyoming to become a CPA?

An individual's timeframe to receive CPA licensure in Wyoming depends on their education and experience history. It can take six years to earn the necessary education and an additional year of experience, totaling seven or more years.

Is getting a CPA license in Wyoming hard?

Wyoming is not considered more difficult than other states to receive CPA certification. The state requires licensees to pass the CPA exam, have one year of work experience, and 150 semester hours of education.

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