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Accounting.com strives to be a leading source for all things accounting. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone looking to break into the accounting field, we create content addressing some of today’s most relevant accounting topics. We do so by working with accounting professionals, industry experts, current students, and recent graduates to address all things accounting. We also mix in relevant data from leading sources to analyze various accounting jobs, fields, and degrees, providing the most up-to-date, accurate information.

As our site demonstrates, we keep a heavy focus on education. That’s because we believe education is the best vehicle to landing a dream accounting career. Picking the right school and program can significantly impact aspiring accountants’ career paths, and choosing the wrong program could drastically alter their current career plans.

We offer an information hub for all things accounting, including academic programs at all levels, career guidance, current news, and market trends. Relying on a curated network of professionals and industry experts, we work to demystify accounting.

What We Do

We aim to provide anyone involved in accounting with relevant, up-to-date information on their field. This consists of topical news and trends in accounting, such as changes to state licensure renewal processes and continuing education requirements for certified public accountant (CPA) licensure.

We aim to provide career guidance for aspiring and current accountants, helping these individuals find their best-suited professions. Our career guidance covers all positions available in accounting, perfect for recent graduates and working accountants who want to advance their careers.

Finding the perfect job calls for a combination of research, experience, and education. Depending on their career goals, professionals may require more of one factor than another — for example, aspiring CPAs must complete 150 college credits to gain certification in most states. Entry-level accounting professionals, such as staff accountants and assistants, usually require less education, though some employers may prefer experience.

We look into every career, which industries include which roles, and pathways to earning each position. Accounting.com provides information on nearly every accounting career option. Our guides, articles, and resources help aspiring CPAs, but individuals pursuing other careers may benefit, as well. We provide relevant, practical guides on everything from filing taxes to becoming an accountant. We also evaluate various accounting schools and programs, helping learners find the best options for their goals.

Finally, to make sure our readers have the most current information on all things accounting, we regularly update our materials, create content to answer new questions, and communicate with active educators, industry leaders, and students to provide snapshots of the accounting field.

How We Work

To provide the best, most relevant accounting information, we meticulously curate our content and search for new, useful information. Many of our articles include expert interviews, and we often rely on information provided by educators and students to provide the most accurate information to prospective accountants.

Industry experts and recent graduates provide excellent insight into accounting, but data speaks volumes, too. We host a massive database at Accounting.com that features information on various careers, universities, and state requirements. Using big data and machine learning, we parse through this database to identify accounting trends (sometimes before industry experts do) and pinpoint professional opportunities. We believe our data offers an invaluable resource to college students who may begin accounting their careers in a matter of years.

We collect our information through various sources, though we rely heavily on data provided by the federal government. Our material frequently cites the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Department of Education, and the National Center for Education Statistics, among other resources.

We maintain transparency regarding where we collect our information, as well. When we include quotes from experts, cite important data sources, and dive deep into bachelor’s in accounting programs, we provide our sources, letting our readers verify the information themselves.

Why We Focus on Education

Accounting.com believes that education represents the single most valuable tool available for anyone interested in accounting. We want to make sure students connect with the right programs. Especially considering the rising cost of higher education, college students should graduate feeling empowered to pursue their desired careers.

For example, if a student wants to become a CPA in their home state, we want to help them create the most effective plan for achieving that goal. And we don’t just match learners with degrees — if somebody wants to learn to do their taxes, Accounting.com teaches them how.

Education equips learners with the means to learn skills, develop connections, and earn certifications, all of which can improve quality of life. Not all prospective students enjoy immediate access to information on accounting degrees, programs, certificates, and courses. To save people time, we conduct thorough research on all accredited accounting programs.

We want to help everyone find a passion for accounting, whether by pursuing a degree in the subject or learning to file taxes. You don’t need to become an auditor to balance your personal budget, and you don’t need to become a certified accountant to file taxes.

No matter who you are — a student considering an accounting degree, an accounting professional looking to advance your career, or an individual seeking basic accounting skills — Accounting.com is here for you.

Meet Our Contributors

Portrait of Reese Lopez

Reese Lopez

As a former teacher and tutor, Reese Lopez draws on over a decade of experience in the education field to inform his writing. After earning his BA in English from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, he instructed English language learners and tutored students at the high school and college level before joining Accounting.com. Reese lives in Portland, Oregon, where he also writes fiction and is active in the city’s local music scene.

Melissa Sartore

Melissa Sartore holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her BA and MA in history are from Western Illinois University. A medievalist by training, she has published on outlawry in medieval England with additional publications on outlaws in popular culture and across geographic and historical boundaries. She also writes for several online outlets, notably Ranker.com, and provides her own sarcastic take on historical events at History According to Snark.

Portrait of Holland Webb

Holland Webb

Holland’s goal as a writer is to put storytelling elements to work for businesses with great ideas. In addition to writing content for Accounting.com and serving as a featured writer on Compose.ly, he has written web content for a major hotel chain with locations in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. Holland’s other clients have included Sweet Fish Media, Indri Digital, and BioNetwork. He specializes in crafting content for education marketing, B2B technology companies, and nonprofits. He also cohosts a podcast called The Afterword, which looks at the intersection of macrotrends and storytelling.

Portrait of Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute

Doug Wintemute is a Toronto-based freelance writer with professional writing interests in higher learning and entertainment. He completed his BA and MA in English at York University, graduating summa cum laude and earning academic merit, research, and writing awards at both levels. Since 2014, he has contributed content and editorial work for award-winning digital trade publications, global SEO copywriting projects, and hugely popular online brands. Contact him on LinkedIn.

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