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Accounting.com was founded in response to the growing need for qualified accountants in both the domestic and international labor force. We are a team of researchers, writers and experts with a passion for accounting and the desire to increase public knowledge of the field. Our site is intended to be used by anyone interested in accounting; from students, job seekers and working professionals to small business owners or people just interested in the topic. We understand that your first time going through a P&L statement, balance sheet or appraisal form can be overwhelming. We also know the serious effort it takes to prepare for the CPA exam or find a job fresh out of school. Our goal is to be your first resource for learning about the accounting profession, addressing the challenges all future accountants share and directing you to the very best in education and employment opportunities.

On our site, we have compiled the latest information in an accessible format. You will find content addressing education, employment, licensure and regulations; to name just a few of our areas of expertise. We also host an accounting job board designed to connect qualified professionals to a wide range of employers, both large and small.

Advertising Disclosure

This site features information regarding degrees, programs, and other offerings at various client schools and institutions — or "Sponsored Schools" — from which we may receive compensation. Any such schools will be labeled "Sponsored," "Featured," or something similar. This information typically comes directly from the institutions and is not independently verified before publication on our site as it is the duty of the institutions to ensure that the information is both accurate and current.

Additionally, we do not guarantee that any of the school listings on our site (e.g., by program, location, etc.) are exhaustive.

Above all, we hope to answer any and all accounting questions you may have. User experience is our top priority; we welcome and encourage your feedback. Contact us here with any comments or questions.