Enrollment in online learning programs is experiencing steady growth. Recent data shows student enrollment in online programs increased 5.6% in 2016. This trend may be driven by busy professionals looking for convenient options to pursue advanced degrees.

Pursuing an online master's degree allows professionals to hone their skills and broaden their prospects.

Benefits of earning an online master's degree in accounting include (but are not limited to) convenience and affordability. Online programs typically charge flat tuition rates. They also allow professionals to pursue a graduate degree and advance their careers while working. Earning a master's may also pave the way for professionals to acquire certifications including the certified public accountant (CPA), which may further increase a professional's career and earning potential.

A career in accounting offers diverse and lucrative career opportunities. After all, every organization across various industries needs accounting professionals monitoring its financial health. This diversity gives professionals the ability to apply their expertise in a field that aligns with their interests. Pursuing an online master's degree allows professionals to hone their skills and broaden their prospects.

Read on to discover more top reasons to earn an online master's in accounting.

Why Pursue an Online Master's Degree in Accounting

  • Diverse Opportunities

    Organizations in various industries need professionals tracking income and expenditures to ensure they remain profitable. Common career paths include auditor, accounting manager, and financial analyst.

  • Career Benefits

    Professionals with a master's degree in accounting may be eligible for higher positions and salaries. The BLS estimates financial managers earn an average median salary of $127,990.

  • Flexibility

    Online learning allows students to complete coursework around other responsibilities so they may continue working while earning an advanced degree.

  • Speed

    Some programs offer accelerated options that give students the ability to work through coursework at their pace. In this format, students may complete programs quickly.

  • Affordability

    Many online programs offer flat tuition rates to students regardless of where they live; as such, students can broaden their search to affordable programs that best meet their needs.

  • Global Opportunity

    Online learning allows students to study from anywhere with a reliable internet connection; they may study at elite programs without relocating.

  • Growing Accreditation

    Accreditation indicates a program meets established academic standards. Accredited degrees are more desirable to potential employers.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Once you decide on an accounting career, it's time to launch your search for a program. To begin, you can explore these online master's in accounting programs to determine which one is a good fit for you and your career goals.