One of the smallest states in terms of both population and size, West Virginia is nevertheless home to a diverse economy based around logging, coal mining, tourism, and natural gas. The state's GPD sits at $73.4 billion, which ranks 40th in the country, but West Virginia has experienced strong economic growth after being hit particularly hard by the recession, with one of the fastest growing state GDPs in the nation. Much of this growth is due to gains in the mining and natural gas sectors—two of the largest industries in West Virginia. Unfortunately, these economic gains haven't translated to a higher demand for accountants and auditors—the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Projections Central predicts accounting job growth of just 6.4% through 2026, which is among the lowest in the country. However, these projections could change as West Virginia's economy continues to grow.

West Virginia at a glance

Population 1,815,857
Per Capita Income $22,714
Unemployment Rate 5.2%
Fortune 500 Companies 0
Licensed CPA Firms 251

Accounting Programs in West Virginia

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Accounting Salaries and Employment

West Virginia has been making significant strides in the past few years by establishing itself as a region that is diversifying its business interests. It is becoming more active in the hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as automotive and education. Businesses such as these require close relationships with CPAs and other individuals with financial backgrounds, making the state a destination to consider.

Accounting salaries are currently slightly below the U.S. average for larger cities, but West Virginia is a good place for newly minted CPAs to gain experience. The market is less competitive and candidates have a number of small and industry-specific corporate firms to choose from.

Projected Job Growth for Accountants

3,760 Employees2016
5,030 Employees2026
West Virginia 25.2% increase
1,397,700 Employees2016
1,537,600 Employees2026
United States 9.1% increase
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics OES - State Employment Survey

Accounting Salaries by Specialty

West Virginia Avg. Annual Wage United States Avg. Annual Wage

Associate Degree Recommended

Bookkeeping and Auditing Clerks

\ $33,950

Payroll Clerks

\ $33,540

Credit Counselors

\ $40,450

Bachelor's Degree Recommended

Cost Estimators

\ $61,200

Tax Examiners and Collectors

\ $45,460

Master's Degree Recommended

Accountants and Auditors

\ $67,510

Budget Analysts

\ $64,520

Personal Financial Advisors

\ $88,120

Financial Managers

\ $100,340
Source: BLS OES - Industry Profile

Top-paying cities for accountants

  1. Parkersburg-Vienna
  2. Beckley
  3. Wheeling
  4. Weirton-Steubenville
  5. Huntington-Ashland
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics OES - State Employment Survey

Major firms headquartered in West Virginia

Count Firm Location 2014 Revenue (in millions)
1 Arnett Carbis Toothman Charleston, WV $33

Accounting Today named these firms among the highest performing in a multi-state region. Rankings as based upon reported net revenues from 2014. Source: Accounting Today, "Top 100 Firms and Regional Leaders"

Becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) in West Virginia

The requirements for working as a CPA in West Virginia are quite similar to most other states. You must, of course, pass a CPA exam and possess the minimum education requirements mandated by the state.

West Virginia maintains reciprocity with individuals who are licensed as CPAs in other states. Details can be viewed on West Virginia Board of Accountancy's website. This state also allows out-of-state CPAs to legally provide accounting services to clients without opening a licensed office in the state.

Eligibility for CPA Licensure in West Virginia

The process of CPA licensure in West Virginia is comparable to requirements in other states:

  • State residency status or reciprocal licensing approved
  • Educational requirements of 150 credits including a bachelor's degree and 27 credit hours in accounting
  • One year of general experience in accounting
  • Successful completion of all four parts of the uniform CPA exam administered by the state
Age Requirement 18
Citizenship Requirement No
Residency Requirement Yes
Social Security # Requirement Yes
Education Requirement for Licensure Bachelor's degree (150 hours)
International Programs Yes
Hours in Accounting 27 semester hours
Exam Sitting Requirements 120 hours
Experience Requirements 1 year of accounting experience
Ethics Exam N/A

Source: The American Institute of CPAs

CPA exam fees in West Virginia

  • Application Fee $10
  • Auditing & Attestation $208
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting $208
  • Regulation $208
  • Business Environment & Concepts $208

West Virginia CPA testing windows are as follows: January/February, April/May, July/August, October/November

Certifying and Professional Organizations

When considering working as a CPA in West Virginia, it is important to become familiar with two organizations. First is the West Virginia Board of Accountancy. Second is the West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (WVSCPA).

Both organizations have Web sites that contain valuable information about the steps required to work as a CPA in the state, as well as advantages to being a member of the state's professional organizations.

West Virginia Board of Accountancy


405 Capitol Street, Suite 908
Charleston, WV 25301

Phone Number



West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants


900 Lee Street East; Suite 1201
Charleston, WV 25301

Phone Number